Hawkin Dynamics Wireless Force Plates - Generation 2

Wireless Force Plates For Teams

The goal of Hawkin Dynamics is to make research grade biomechanics data accessible to coaches and athletes at every level of sport. Our simplified workflow and natural-approach to testing is designed to reduce the challenges coaches face when implementing and maintaining a successful athlete monitoring program.

System Overview

Hawkin Dynamics Wireless Force Plates - Generation 2

Hawkin Force Plates

The world’s first and only wireless forceplates. Built for purpose and built to last. Portable and battery powered for up to 10 hours of continuous remote testing – Hawkin Dynamics is the future of athlete monitoring.

Hawkin Capture

Hawkin is a revolutionary approach to data collection. The app is designed to be as simple as possible to use. Add athletes to your testing team, create testing groups, quickly review athlete data – it’s all there. Then wirelessly connect to your plates for the quickest testing workflow in the industry.

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Hawkin Cloud

Once your data is collected with the app, it’s only logical to want to dig a bit deeper. HD Cloud offers users the ability to analyze, organize, and export data in seconds. Organize your data by testing date, athlete, or just review all-time tests – and export everything. Integration with AMS software coming soon!